Neither he has 3,456 photos with Bojan Jovanovski, nor they were close nor he has anything to do with International Association, much less was part of the racket carried out by Boki 13, Aleksandar Kiracovski said shortly after he was questioned at the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption.

The SDSM lawmaker and recently deposed secretary general of the party said he was questioned as a witness in the “Racket” case.

I didn’t know that Boki 13 was extorting money. Absolutely not. As politicians, we communicate with many individuals, but this does not give them the right to commit crime. Many people aks to be take photos with us and hopefully many will not abuse it. I do not think that everyone who took a photo with him did any harm, Kiracovski said.

Asked what kind of relations he had with Bojan Jovanovski, Kiracovski said he participated in a TV show, a debate and “nothing more.”

I think the investigation is going well. The investigation with me has nothing to do with Kiceec, Kamcev and so on. I was called for something else. I cannot disclose details of the investigation, but I was summoned as a witness for something I have information about. I have only one photo with Bojan Jovanski, he wanted to take a photo with me, because I am a politician, a famous person, he said.

Kiracovski said he does not know Orce Kamcev, Katica Janeva, Zoki Kiceec and that he does not even want to meet them. He added that “it is our weakness that we did not know what was happening” and that “we need to emerge as winners, justice and truth to come to light.”