Zoran Zaev, the leader of SDSM, his wife Zorica, his brother Vice and his father Trajce, have been proposed as witnesses in connection to the “International Association” case, by the defense of defendants Bojan Jovanovski, Hristina Blazevska and Mile Jovanovski, Plusinfo has learned. 

Judging by the list of evidence proposed by the defense, and especially by the part where witnesses for interrogation are proposed, it seems that Bojan Jovanovski decided to act differently than at the “Racket” case trial, where a first instance verdict has already been handed down. This time, Jovanovski announces a grand trial, and the list of proposed witnesses shows that best.

Thus, in addition to members of the Zaev family, the list of witnesses includes interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, Ministers Mila Carovska and Goran Sugarevski, SDSM spokesman Kostadin Kostadinov, mayors Petre Silegov (Skopje), Stefan Bogoev (Karpos), Natasa Petrovska (Bitola) and Ango Angov (Dojran), as well as party member Aleksandar Kiracovski.

Moreover, the list also includes PRO head Sanja Lukarevska and Arafat Muaremi, the director of the Financial Police Directorate, businessmen Siljan Micevski from Bitola and Adrian Amzoski from Struga. Sefer Canovski and Nano Ruzin from the FON University are also on the list.

Of the journalists from the former 1TV, only the editor Aco Kabranov is on the list of witnesses, but Jovanovski would also like to see Aleksandar Dimkovski, the editor-in-chief of “Nova Makedonija”. The first on the list of witnesses is businessman Jordan Kamcev, while the last is the famous author of pop songs Marina Tucakovic from Belgrade.