Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the showman who was at the center of the major Racket scandal, is hospitalized with bleeding, Republika was told.

Boki 13 recently had a surgery for an ulcer. Earlier he went through a major gastric bypass surgery, and says he suffers from consequences ever since. Currently, Boki is treated at the St. Naum of Ohrid hospital in Skopje. He was sent to prison on Friday, but had to be rushed back to the hospital this afternoon.

He is the only of the three Racket defendants who was not allowed into house arrest, even though he is in worst health of the three. Boki is still standing trial in the follow-up scandal over a bogus charity he set up. During the end of the Racket trial and afterwards, he openly pointed the finger at Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and said he is responsible for taking the money that were extorted from various businessmen, but prosecutors don’t dare investigate his allegations.