The then owner of 1TV, Bojan Jovanovski, used the fourth anniversary of the opening of 1TV to congratulate the former employees, but also to unveil the lies, intrigues and big money.

In a lengthy Facebook post Boki 13 writes about who set him up and how he found himself in the trap of Zaev, Kamcev, Ruskovska…

From this distance, I regret that I did not anticipate all aspects and I regret that I trusted individuals who were appointed to senior management positions by me. I gave them a chance, and they returned it with a knife in my back, I “revived” some of them, they were forgotten and sunk in their imaginary journalistic greatness, depths.

His biggest disappointment he says was the editor-in-chief Aco Kabranov because he knew about everything that was being prepared about Boki, everything about the set up called “Racket”, the torture, the involvement of government officials, about Zaev and his Bulgarian friends. Moreover, Boki says Kabranov personally was a participant in the whole operation and that he is the one who set up his arrest at the border crossing.