Boki 13 wrote her an open letter to prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska, in which he also mentions Prime Miniser Zoran Zaev, his brother Vice Zaev, Dragi Raskovski, Lile Stefanova.

In the letter he says that after more than two years he decided to address Ruskovska publicly, in addition to filing a defamation lawsuit and using the legal tools at his disposal against her lies and nonsense. He poses various questions in the open letter, while trying to clarify to the public many dilemmas that she had left with her unprofessional and tendentious work as unexplained dilemmas related to the “Racket” case.

When answering the question about the April 27 case, you more than clearly said that you accused the people offhandedly, and I personally know that very well! I know exactly how you handled the April 27 case, for which you received the award of chief position in the prosecution, Boki wrote.

Moreover, he asks Ruskovska to say publicly who is the witness that she said on Vasko Eftov’s show was her friend, allegedly, told her that he gave Boki 500,000 euros in a small envelope. He also asks her where that witness testified, and whether she initiated criminal proceedings against him for the allegations made on the show.

These are your methods, Ms. Ruskovska, instead of applying legal methodology in performing your public prosecution work, you apply methods of distraction, speculation and untruths, in order to justify your incompetence, unprofessionalism and your prosecution parade, and not work !!!, said Boki 13.

Then he asks Ruskovska a set of questions that, as he says, will give a logical wholeness to the “Racket” case and the truth about the case that she is hiding and knows well.

Question number 1

Did the person Zoran Zaev from the position of Prime Minister personally influence and blackmail Katica Janeva to release from prison Kamcev, Mijalkov and other people? You have the answer in my phone, in my communication with Zoran Zaev on WhatsApp where we are talking about softening Katica Janeva, dating November 10, 2018 (Saturday). Zoran Zaev and I had the conversation in his prime minister’s office and then it continues through telephone communication and correspondence on WhatsApp.

Question number 2

Answer how many times and with whom the person Jordan Kamcev was in Zaev’s office and what did Zaev, Kamcev and Zoran Milevski Kicevski agree on? You have my answer in my phone again. (They met several times before the “Empire” case was opened and before Kamcev was detained for the “Empire: case and precisely with Zaev they reached an agreement on the same case and a personal promise from Zaev that there would be no criminal prosecution because he controlled Katica)

Question number 3

Answer whether you know that it was Zoran Zaev who promised Kamcev and Kiceec in the presence of the “Bulgarian friends” that the “Empire” case will not be processed and what they agreed in return?

Question number 4

Answer if you know that Bulgarian citizens, persons from the Bulgarian service and advisor to Boyko Borisov (for me, Kamcev and Zaev are well known, well known to you) with the help of Zoran Zaev committed espionage and violated the sovereignty of our country during the “Racket”operation  due to lucrative and personal interests?

Question number 5

Did Jordan Kamcev give you the recordings where he filmed Zoran Zaev who sent him to Vanco Cifliganec to get a job done with the case prosecutor Lile Stefanova?

Question number 6

Did Jordan Kamcev or Kiceec give you the recordings from the meetings with Zoran Zaev’s brother, Vice Zaev, who was filmed negotiating amounts and transactions with them?

Question number 7

Did you hear the recordings of Jordan Kamcev and a Kiceec talking about one million euros that they have to pay to the Supreme Court with Zaev’s amen for adopting the principle legal opinion with which Kamcev was released ?! (for which Zaev himself admitted that without his knowledge and approval such a legal opinion could not have been passed by the Supreme Court)

Question number 8

Did you read the messages between me and Zaev where we talk about the case of Kamcev and did you see my messages where I first inform Oliver Spasovski about Kamcev, Zaev and this whole operation called “RACKET”? (the communication is dated April 2019 before the presidential elections)

Question number 9

Answer how many times Ana Kamceva together with Zoran Milevski were in Zaev’s office while Jordan Kamcev was in custody and what did they agree with Zaev on these midnight meetings?

Question number 10

Answer whether Zoran Zaev sent me to the person Saso Mijalkov to negotiate on the referendum issue, to urge him to support the referendum and act against VMRO-DPMNE and write public letters against Mickoski ?! (The answer is in my communication with Zoran Zaev and Saso Mijalkov, who later start to communicate personally and agree on all issues, and until then the communication went through me)

Прашање број 11
Одговорете госпоѓо Русковска дали сте ја прочитале комуникацијата помеѓу Зоран Заев, покојниот Жарко Луковски и Драги Рашковски и нивното договарање на мулти милионски проекти со мулти милионски провизии??? Дотолку повеќе што покојниот Луковски се ми испраќаше на мене бидејќи јас лично го споив со Заев и тоа добро го знаете, но молчите. И ова го има во мојот телефон на WHAT’S APP апликацијата.

Question number 11 

Answer Ms. Ruskovska, have you read the communication between Zoran Zaev, the late Zarko Lukovski and Dragi Raskovski and their negotiation of multi-million projects with multi-million commissions ??? Especially since the late Lukovski was sending everything to me because I personally connected him to Zaev and you know that well, but you are silent. This is also contained in my phone on WhatsApp.

Question number 12

Have you read my communication with prosecutor Naum Panovski who was your deputy? Did you accuse me without evidence because of revenge and hatred because of the insulting words he addresses to you in the communication with me, calling you a drunkard and so on? Did you read what prosecutor Panovski sent me about cases that you handled in your prosecution? And finally, how much money was demanded from Vera Ivanova for the “DIAMED” case? 

Question number 13

Will you have the virtue to admit that you have had communication with me, communication by telephone, by messages on WhatsApp where you asked for TV crews, told me about arrests and told me in advance about court rulings?

In the end, in this open letter I leave you space and time to answer, although I know that you will lie and manipulate again, but prosecutor, when the facts speak the Gods remain silent, especially since every question I ask in this open letter is based on facts that are in my phone. I do not speculate, as you do, as you have been fooling the professional and general public for more than two years about where the famous money from Kamcev ended up without having a clear answer as befits the chief prosecutor for organized crime and corruption !!!, wrote Boki.