Bojan Jovanovski, known as Boki 13, who was arrested in Skopje for extorting money from businessmen Jordan Orce Kamchev, is threatening to release evidence of the criminal ties of Zoran Zaev and Ramush Haradinaj, Serbian “Informer” reported. Boki 13, according to well-informed sources of “Informer”, expects Zoran Zaev to arrange his release from prison and he has clearly ordered this through a lawyer and joint close associates.

Otherwise, Informer sources add, Boki 13 has threatened to start talking about Zaev and Haradinaj’s mafia businesses worth millions. According to Informer sources, Boki is furious because he has been in detention for a month and the prime minister is not trying to help him.

After his arrest on the Greek border on July 15, Boki had expected to be released soon because he was assured that everything would be covered up. However, Zaev apparently can’t do it because the affair is too big. That’s why Boki 13, through joint associates, sent a threatening message to Zaev, which reads:

Get me out of jail or I’ll reveal how you stole millions together with Haradinaj, Informer reports citing a well-informed source.

The paper says it is rumored that Boki has evidence that Zaev extorted money from some other tycoons and even wealthy Albanians from Kosovo.

Some also claim that, following the introduction of Prishtina taxes on Serbia, Boki 13 has been involved in the joint operation of Zaev and Haradinaj over smuggling of goods from Serbia. Informer goes so far as to announce that there are indications that all three are involved in the arms trade.