Bojan Jovanovski sent a letter to Zoran Zaev, Ljubomir Jovevski, Vilma Ruskovska, Ljupco Nikolovski, Oliver Spasovski from jail. The reason for the address is the statement of the prosecutor Ruskovska that they threatened to eliminate her if she does not prosecute Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice. 

Vilma, you made our judiciary and public prosecution system look like Bollywood with cheap stories and scenarios!!!, said Boki in the letter.

He points out to Ruskovska that she is obliged to act in accordance with the law and to prosecute the Zaev family, without anyone threatening her if she had acted according to the law and if she herself had not been involved in all the illegal acts of the mentioned persons!!!

Boki says that Ruskovska’s poor excuse that will not prosecute because she has no evidence against the Zaev brothers does not hold water and he will now make public communications that point to the illegal and criminal actions of the same persons. He says now the whole the public will see how the prosecutor hides crimes, which would mean according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Macedonia that she is also are a co-perpetrator or helper in the committed crimes!!!

Further in the letter, Boki tells Ruskovska that no one would get their hands dirty for her because she is not worth it. He says he should not be afraid that someone will eliminate her because it will be her to do away with herself with her illegal and criminal actions from a position of power.