The next “bombs” will contain audio material involving former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and several ministers, “Lider” reports.

Informally, there is speculation about the existence of audio conversations showing the inappropriate and illegal behavior of at least two Zaev’s ministers, and conversations of a director and a senior party official who is not a state official.

According to “Lider”, there is a conversation of a minister who was reportedly negotiating commission for a contract with a foreign company and how the deal should end with a transaction abroad. Furthermore, in another case, the same minister known for a series of scandals and luxury real estate offered a “strategic partner” for a well-known medium as a way to take over.

“Lider” has learned that there is also communication between a SDSM official and criminals from the village of Grcec about certain illegal activities around the elections and taking people to the polls. Allegedly there are unpleasant conversations involving a mayor from the government, “Lider” claims.