I am aware that Mr. Zaev and his family are quite influential in both the prosecution and politics and the state, and that they ordered in the past who should or should not be detained. But after such material being published, if anyone is to be arrested or at least summoned for questioning, it is Mr. Zaev, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki at Sunday’s press conference where the “bomb” was released and in which the voice of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev could be heard.

Zaev talks about his influence on the Supreme Court’s decision-making, as well as his influence on the work of the SPO. He emphasizes that “They cannot do anything without Zaev”.

This conversation is about the work of the SPO, about the Prime Minister’s close coordination with the Supreme Court in making decisions on prosecution cases, and about Mr. Zaev and Ms. Katica Janeva being in close associates for any of her or his decisions. To put it briefly, Mr. Zaev shows through this tape that he was not only a prime minister, but also a supreme judge and special prosecutor. It is not a rule of law, it is a hybrid regime where one man abuses the executive power to be both a prosecutor and a judge, Milososki added.