“… The system of control upon which our society rested was based on one supposing subject – the bearer of a supposed ‘truth’, and that is the snitch personally. The snitch is the one who knows. The snitch becomes the Great Other, the bearer of interpretation and truth. He becomes the broadest subject he is supposed to know – he becomes a god, small, local, political, but still a god … “.

This is how professor Jasna Kotevska’s book “Communist Intimacy” defines the snitches. The book stems from an insight into her father’s personal file, writer Jovan Kotevski, who was the last political innocent victim of the communist regime, serving a prison sentence in an orchestrated trial.

And our new, Macedonian Bosko Buha is not satisfied with that role of a bomber. He wants to be “god, small, local, political, but still god”. Through his FB post, he boasted for correcting injustices. But how? He would declare them null and void the legal acts, actions, measures and legal consequences of “ordered processes” in lustration proceedings. And the damaged, all lustrated persons, will have the right to file compensation claims within two months. So, to get our own taxpayer money from every citizen.

And on what basis? Has any analysis been done for all lustrated individuals to see if there is an error somewhere or not? The documents have been handed over and have been so for years. So far no one has mentioned that such a thing has been done. Has anyone checked how many of the lustrated intervened before the Constitutional Court for the protection of human rights and freedoms? How many others have done so to evaluate and name the “regime” that is being demolished and to which they are referring?

Things are so illogical that they go to the point of despair. Victims, snitches, and executioners are put in the same basket. And there will be money for snitches and executioners, but not for victims! Which is to say, snitches and executioners with severance pay. Not to mention the legal aspects. They are a special story, all the more so that we are waiting for the decision to start EU membership negotiations.