Bosnia and Serbia filed protests with Macedonia after the Macedonian Post Office, apparently mistakenly, issued a stamp that represents a map of Greater Croatia.

The stamp portrays Croatia in borders that include all of Bosnia, and chunks of Serbia and Montenegro. The map on the stamp is modeled after the World War Two NDH Croatian state, created under German patronage, but goes even beyond those borders.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia expresses its concern because of the stamp that presents the Ustasha creation of NDH, including the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We hope that this was an inadvertent mistake by the Macedonian Post Office and that the Macedonian Government will strongly condemn it, the Bosnian Foreign Ministry said.

And the Foreign Ministry of Serbia said that the publication of the map is a “hostile provocation aimed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia as well as an insult to the Serbian people who were killed in NDH concentration camps”, noting that the stamp was published just ahead of Victory Day.

The Post Office issued a press release informing the public that it has withdrawn the stamp and that its creation was an inadvertent mistake.