British expert in international business and economics, Tom Lines, publicly opposed the use of the adjective North. The reporter for Reuters and others on commodities, banking disagrees with such naming of Macedonia, because he considers that it is contrary to the results of the September 30th referendum.

Macedonia, please. That is the name which that the country chose for itself, endorsed by a national referendum only recently. Any other version of the name is the result of unacceptable Greek bullying, he tweeted, commenting on an article where, instead of Macedonia, it reads North Macedonia.

This is not the first time Lines has spoken on this topic, because he is convinced that everyone in the world knows this Macedonia as Macedonia.

The country is Macedonia. Offensive to call it anything else. A British diplomat recently tweeted that in internal documents, his government has always called it Macedonia – never the insulting names of FYROM or North Macedonia. I think that is probably general around the world, he wrote.