The politically linked brother of a top SDSM party supporting journalist issued a series of threats aimed at journalists who are critical of the Zaev regime. Vanco Ordanoski, an IT entrepreneur who has profited off of his links to the ruling SDSM party, is the brother of journalist Saso Ordanoski, one of the most die-hard public SDSM supporters. In his latest Twitter rant, Vanco Ordanoski attacked journalists who dare criticize the Government, calling them “sell-outs, whores, insects…”.

He specifically named Telma journalist Snezana Lupevska, another female journalist Meri Jordanovska, anchors Vasko Eftov and Dragan Pavlovik – Latas, as well as media outlets, as supporters poured into the replies adding other names of journalists, calling for them t obe hanged or otherwise “dealt with”. Ordanoski later deleted the tweet, posted on his semi-anonymous account, but also mocked those who criticized his attack on the critical press.

This is a sick person, a healthy man doesn’t comment like this, said journalist Ljupco Zlatev, who was one of those named by Ordanoski, who called on state prosecutors to act on the threats.

Saso Ordanoski currently hosts a Youtube channel operating through a newspaper that has received public funding and that supports Government positions. He was the last remaining supporter of disgraced former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva operating from the now closed 1TV station that was allegedly funded with extortion money.

The openly threatening move comes at a time when SDSM is pushing for early elections to take place as soon as possible, hoping that the low turnout due to the mishandled coronavirus epidemic will advantage the ruling party. Earlier today, SDSM’s Propaganda Minister announced highly selective “aid” to the press that will be handed out ahead of the elections, clearly meant to influence editorial policy.

Vanco Ordanoski was in the news a year ago for receiving 245.000 EUR in public “innovation grants” for a device meant to help measure air pollution. Vanco Ordanoski’s company used pictures of a device already developed and on the market in India passing it as its own innovation on their website, raising allegations of fraud that fits with the long running suspicion that the Innovation Fund is used as an SDSM party slush fund.