Former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski predicts that his SDSM party will form a new ruling coalition together with DUI and by splitting the Alliance of Albanians – Alternative coalition.
SDSM and VMRO are evently split after the elections, with no clear shot at forming a Government. SDSM (42 seats) could in theory form a Government with its coalition parther BESA (4 seats) and DUI (15 seats) but Buckovski says that it could add votes by dividing the coalition led by Ziadin Sela that won 12 seats and which opposes a coalition with DUI. Sela is in coalition with Afrim Gashi’s Alternative party.

With the votes provided by Alternative, SDSM can get to 66 seats. Alternative is already part of the outgoing ruling coaliton, it holds the Culture Ministry, Buckovski said.

The disgraced former Prime Minister says that this stiched up coalition could rule until the Autumn of 2021, when municipal elections are held and a possible win by VMRO-DPMNE, which won almost twice more municipalities across  the country than SDSM did, could reignite the talk of another early election.