Former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski spoke on TV Kanal 5’s “Samo intervju” show about the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office and said it was a symbol of the majority of citizens eager for justice, and now it is a great disappointment.

He added that there were reports that enormously high bonuses were being awarded at the SPO, that it was a public secret.

I was shocked to see that there were enormous fees, even though there were legal restrictions. The public is furious, this anger poured out precisely because they saw what Katica Janeva and some of the other prosecutors were doing. I am not sure that in the 3 cases most exposed now at the December 3 trial we will see testimonies. So it was not just Kamcev extorted, but also the directors of “Postenska banka”, the directors of “Makedonski Telekom”. We have a shocking testimony also about the several million euros demanded by a Greek businessman for his nephew not to be convicted, Buckovski said.

He emphasized that it was crystal clear that after 30 June 2017 everything that the SPO had undertaken was against the law.

That is why I think that after this disaster it will be very difficult to restore our faith in justice, this made a serious mess, caused serious damage to the ruling coalition and the December 3 trial will be a serious test for the judiciary, added Buckovski.