Bulgaria in1947 conceded that Samoil’s Kingdom was not a west-Bulgarian kingdom, but a separate feudal state dominated by Macedonian Slavs, writes the former Councilor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stevo Simski..

He reminds the public that on November 22, 1947, similar Bulgarian – Macedonian historical commission was established which – as it is clearly stated – aimed to break from the Bulgarian chauvinism of the previous decades. The agreement reached by the commission, and signed by the governments of Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia, made corrections to the Bulgarian history textbooks.

The corrections included, among other things, the fact  that the medieval Samoil’s Kingdom was not a continuation of the erstwhile Bulgarian Empire, but a separate feudal state dominated by the Macedonian Slavs. Furthermore, the correction stated that St. Clement of Ohrid and St. Naum are all-Slavic educators, not Bulgarians. It was also pointed out that Prebond’s Dukedom was the first attempt by the Macedonian Slavs to create their own state, as well as that the famous folklore collectors, the brothers Miladinovi, are Macedonian educators, not Bulgarian.