While the Kovacevski government is doing everything to please Bulgaria in order to get a date for negotiations, the eastern neighbor and their branches in Macedonia are wasting no time. After the opening of two associations bearing the name of fascist collaborators, and a third one being announced, they have now crossed to the next stage, which is the study of, as they call it, the literary Bulgarian language.

The Bulgarian foundation “Macedonia” boasted on its Facebook account that every child who learns the Bulgarian language will receive scholarships of 30 euros per month. And they also announce that Bulgarian Sunday schools will be opened. In addition to Macedonia, such an initiative is also being announced in Serbia.

This is just an announcement of what would happen if the government succeeds in its intention to include Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution. Then 3,500 Bulgarians from the census according to the “Balancer” mechanism will have the right to be employed and learn the Bulgarian language and to open schools.