“The Macedonia Foundation cleaned the monument of Georgi Delcev again in Skopje,” reads a post on the Facebook page of the Bulgarian foundation. Activists of the so-called “Macedonia” foundation placed a Bulgarian flag on the monument of Goce Delcev in the City Park in Skopje.

In addition to this monument, they announced that starting today until August 21 they will have new activities in Macedonia, among other things, to “clean several monuments”.

On August 11, the president of the foundation, Viktor Stojanov, gave a statement to the Bulgarian media that he was banned from entering Macedonia when he and “members of the foundation were preparing to clean a monument that the municipality does not properly maintain”.

On his Facebook account, Stojanov regularly informs about the foundation’s activities on the territory of Macedonia. He is now calling on other people to join him because these days he is planning new actions that will spread their cause.

“The Macedonia Foundation is looking for volunteers who can travel to Macedonia from August 15 to 18. For August 19, 20 and 21, we are planning several initiatives and several of our groups will travel to Macedonia.” “Oh, Skopje, Skopje. You haven’t seen anything yet.” These are some of the messages on the Facebook page of the Macedonia Foundation.