On March 4, the City of Skopje and the Skopje-based Fly Cam company signed a contract for drone surveillance on the forest areas of the Skopje valley for early detection of plant diseases. The owner and manager of this company is the partner, the unmarried husband of the Minister of Education Mila Carovska. The one-year contract is worth one million denars or 16,250 euros, reported “MKD.mk”.

The individual price for filming the forests of Skopje for one square kilometer (82,600 denars) is stated in the contract, but there is no data for the total forest areas of Vodno, Matka, Gazi Baba…

This is not the first time Fly Cam has provided its services for the needs of state institutions. In April 2018, this company concluded a contract with AD MEPSO for providing drones for performing an extraordinary inspection of DV amounting to 779,980 denars.

Fly Cam in the past years also provide services for the Municipality of Kumanovo and had another contract with the City of Skopje. In March 2018, Fly Cam sold a drone to the municipality of Kumanovo at the price of 129,800 denars. Also what’s interesting is Fly Cam’s 2019 contract for shooting with a drone for the needs of a Kumanovo kindergarten (2×35,000 denars).