As Minister of Education and Science, I have an obligation to implement the law consistently. The law is clear, the year-end graduation exam is part of the legal solution, said the Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska in an interview with MIA regarding the possibility of legal changes that would meet the demands of some the high school students who boycott classes.

Carovska repeated what she has been saying at almost every public event, that the graduation exam is mandatory for all those who want to continue with higher education in the country or abroad.

Students are right, and we have an obligation to exercise that right to take the year-end graduation exam. All students who want to take the graduation exam by the deadline, the end of December, have submitted both the classes and the project assignment. Many of them are getting ready and I think that we really do not have the right to deny them the right to take the exam because if the minister shows that they does not respect the law, what remains for the others. We should be an example and that is why according to the Law I have no other option but to conduct the year-end graduation exam, said the Minister of Education and Science.

Regarding the possibility for amendments to the Law, after the high school students received support from some political parties, Carovska emphasized that it will be an opportunity for the next graduation exam.