The DKSK anti-corruption commission today proposed that criminal charges are filed against Husni Ismaili – the former Culture Minister in Zaev’s Government. According to DKSK, Ismaili abused his position when he signed contracts from the annual plan for subsidizing cultural events. DKSK did not name the Minister in question, but gave his office and the date when the contracts were signed, clearly identifying Ismaili.

The timing of the announcement from DKSK, which includes several members with clear ties to the ruling SDSM and DUI parties, is curious. Ismaili is now a member of Parliament from the Alternative Party, and signed on to the motion of no-confidence in the Zaev Government last week. Even more importantly, Zaev is currently openly courting the party to join his coalition, since he lost majority in Parliament with the defection of the BESA party. Timing criminal charges against a member of Parliament when the party is supposed to reach a make-or-break decision is a typical move for the Zaev regime, which used criminal charges, blackmail and bribery to force opposition members of Parliament to vote for the imposed name change.

The party is expected to reach its decision on whether to begin supporting Zaev – and his DUI coalition partner – early next week. The party would gain two Government departments – one of them vacated by BESA, and numerous other perks for supporting Zaev.