Indicators for erasing the Macedonian identity are increasingly coming to light, and confirmation of that is the latest internal decision in the United Nations Secretariat, which instructs the Secretariat services to use the term “the language of the Republic of North Macedonia (RNM) instead of the term “Macedonian language”.

Unnamed sources from the UN warned in a statement for “Nova Makedonija” that the instruction to the services of the Secretariat states that the term “Macedonian language” must be “avoided”, in accordance with the general position that the term “Macedonia” and all derivatives of this term must not to be used.

The same sources state that despite the fact that the official website of the UN still reads “Macedonian language”, the gradual elimination of all derivatives derived from the term “Macedonia”, including the language, is underway, regardless of the fact that it is recognized as such in the UN a long time ago.

It is further added that from this year the category “Macedonian language” will be used for “ancient Macedonian language”, for which the Greeks are already making efforts to convince the UN that it is a dialect of the ancient Greek language.

The same source explains that in the UN there is a so-called – “BAN” on the word “Macedonia” and all derivatives of this term (Macedonian), which from the previous month also applies to the language.

University professor of international law from the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade, Igor Janev, claims that these are clear signals and indications in a process of denomination of Macedonian identity, and in that regard sees the internal decision in the UN to avoid the term “Macedonian language “.

This is an internal directive. If the Macedonian mission in the UN worked properly, now all this would be made public. These are new rules for persons employed by the UN Secretariat. According to these guidelines, the “Macedonian language” should no longer be used, says Professor Janev.

Following this information, “Nova Makedonija” tried to get answers from the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as from the United Nations, but after more than a week, no institution called to confirm or deny such allegations.