Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani said on TV Klan Macedonia that Albanians who do not live and have not entered Macedonia for years will be included in the upcoming census.

Basically, we overcame the dilemmas that the political parties had in organizing the census. We initially agreed to organize the census in 2020, with a combined method that would mean not registering in a traditional way when the data is obtained only from the citizens in their homes, but the data from all electronic databases of the institutions, whether it will be the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Pension Fund, the Health Fund and other institutions will be initially used, said Osmani.

He explained that afterward that information will be checked and updated on the field, in the homes of the citizens.

And this is a combined model that is a standard European model. In 2011, the apple of discord was the registration of those who do not live here in our country. If you remember, the solution back then was to register everyone who has entered Macedonia for at least the last twelve months. Now we have overcome all these dilemmas. Any citizen of North Macedonia, whether living here or living abroad, will be registered, it will be sufficient one of the members of their family to provide the personal identification number of the person, who is not currently in North Macedonia, to the member of the commission and they will check it in the electronic database, and in this way the person, whether they live here or not, will be registered, said the Deputy Prime Minister.