The doctor who was diagnosed with coronavirus today is Nina Caca Biljanovska, the head of the Dermatology Clinic in Skopje. In a shocking display of poor judgement, Caca went to northern Italy for a ski trip in the Dolomites, where the disease is raging in full force, which she dutifully instagrammed.

As a result, the Dermatology Clinic is sending staff home to self-quarantine, and non-emergency patients are also discharged. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce was visibly confused today, explaining to the public how a leading doctor and SDSM party official disobeyed his orders that medical staff takes all precautions.

Caca, sister of another top SDSM party representative judge Margarita Caca Nikolovska, was going to work for days before she was diagnosed with the virus, but Filipce claims she was not in direct contact with patients. But she did hold a lecture at a conference in a restaurant in Skopje which included more than a hundred visitors, including foreign citizens. Filipce confirmed that there is a possibility the entire Dermatology Clinic will have to shut down temporarily.

I ask that the pleas for self-isolation are taken very seriously. We can’t close our bordrs, but I call on every person who is coming here from a country that is at risk to remain in isolation for two weeks, Filipce said.