The curricula are ready, but the textbooks will be late for the first months of the school year.

In the anonymous competition, some of the scripts were selected, but there are also those that have comments from the review committees and need to undergo certain changes/additions. After the author(s) have implemented them, the scripts with the changes is returned to the reviewers for ascertaining the change. So that, in case of possible prolongation of the procedures and after the start of the school year, the students will master the knowledge through prepared appropriate materials, until they receive the new textbooks, according to the Ministry of Education.

In the meantime, the procedure for selecting an economic operator for printing and distributing the textbooks is underway, and the received offers were opened on August 12.

VMRO-DPMNE reminds the Minister of Education Jeton Shaqiri of the legal obligation for students to receive textbooks on September 1.

Elementary and high school students in the country return to school this year on September 1, although there was an idea to start the school year 10 days later, that is, on September 12, Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri confirmed for He announces that this new practice is set to be introduced as of next September, and the school year in that case will last until June 20.

We discussed this idea because, in some of our countries in the region, such as Albania, Croatia, the school year does not start on September 1 like here, but later. I would like to move the start, I am thinking about it, although we have to see how we will comply with SONK, the unions, as well as other institutions that are bound by dates, for example, the State Examination Center that is bound by deadlines due to the multitude of examinations, including the state exam. Otherwise, I think that the idea of ​​prolonging the school year is good, Shaqiri told