A news outlet from Kumanovo published the threatening message that was sent to a local elementary school today. The school was one of the 15 schools included in the latest wave of threatening messages which sparked evacuations and panicked children and parents.

We will not hide. Murders are needed. We will kill. Destruction is needed. We will destroy. We are sorry that innocent people need to suffer. There is no other way. We will bring down the Northmacedonian government. Our eyes are aimed at the Prime Minister of North Macedonia and his party. We will kill all, the message stated, written in poor Macedonian.

The principal of the “Braka Miladinovci” school said that she was able to evacuate the children through jokes and laughter, without causing panic, but reports from other schools were very different. For over two months Macedonian schools have been hit by these threats and that authorities are unable to find the culprit. The threats were quickly revealed as false.