The City of Skopje asked state prosecutors to investigate and file charges four city officials who held top positions under the administration of former Mayor Petre Silegov. they are Silegov’s chief of staff Viktorija Avramovska – Madic, his IT director Nikola Trajkovski and his spokesmen Valjon Salihu and Vlatko Vasilj, who was one of the leading spokesmen of the SDSM led Colored Revolution.

The charges are proposed over the contract to build and transfer data to a new website for the city. The four approved the payment of 75,000 EUR to the contractor, even though the work was not done as specified. Avramovska signed off on the contract and accepted that the contractor finished the web site and migrated all the necessary data to it, but this was never done. The other three also signed off on the contract and stated that data relevant to their work has been migrated, even though this was not done.

We are talking about an enormous sum of 75,000 EUR for this type of job, that was paid out even though the work was not done according to the contract. With this, the four damaged the budget of the City of Skopje, said city spokesman Daniel Avramovski.