The current net salary of specialists at the Clinical Center in Skopje, according to the applicable collective agreement, is 44,517 denars and we remind the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health that it is far from the promised minimum basic salary of a specialist in tertiary health of at least 100,000 denars and a doubling of the basic salary of health workers, the Executive Board of the Independent Trade Union of the Clinical Center said on Thursday.

If the salary of health workers is increased according to the program, the Trade Union informs, you will rightly request and be able to count on the vote of the health workers in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and we will publicly ask our membership to support your political option. Otherwise, the Trade Union said, you will lose the trust not only of health workers but also of most citizens, because, at the debates and public appearances, you have repeatedly emphasized that healthcare and preventing the outflow of medical personnel is one of the top priorities of the Government.