Vilma Ruskovska showed Monday that she was just a tentacle of Zoran Zaev’s octopus, VMRO-DPMNE said, adding that closing the investigation into the Racket case and closing the racket chain with Katica Janeva was to conceal traces leading directly to the top government leaders.

For months, almost a whole year, all the financial intelligence institutions, security services and the PPO have not responded to the racket worth millions. Even law school freshmen are aware that the racket, which has lasted for months, could not be carried out without the knowledge of the top leadership. Closing the investigation with Katica Janeva is proof that Ruskovska all the time was only looking for a way to save the masterminds behind the racket. Ruskovska and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, by not summoning Zoran Zaev’s for questioning, put themselves in a position to be complicit in the crime, VMRO-DPMNE says.

The party added that both Ruskovska and anyone who impedes the investigation and protects government officials should know that one day, with the return of the rule of law in Macedonia, they will be held accountable for the crime.