The Infectious Diseases Committee made what it called its final recommendation for the start of the school year. Under it, pupils from the first three elementary grades would attend in-person education, under the idea that direct contact with other children is important for their early development.  Other children, in grades 4 and above, would study online, unless it’s in schools with exceptionally few students where the risk is low and all grades could attend in-person.

Deputy Education Minister Elizabeta Naumovska said that the Government is considering this proposal, and would like to see how many schools would fall under this category. Education Minister Arbr Ademi, who has favored in-person education in all areas with low infection rates, called the proposal is a compromise. The Ministry was also looking into dividing students into two groups, and have them go to school a week at a time, while families with chronic patients would have their children attend school online.

In schools, students would be required to sit at a distance of 1.5 meters.