After Prime Minister Zoran Zaev named his close confidant Ljupco Nikolovski as Deputy Prime Minister in charge of fighting corruption, questions are being raised about the forwarding company linked to his brother Ilija Nikolovski.

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski today said that in 2019 the company had an increase in revenue of 2,100 percent compared to the previous year, and attributed this to Nikolovski’s powerful position in the Government.

Given who is the Prime Minister and who is the Deputy Prime Minister, it’s logical to ask the question how did the company his brother owns had such a spike in revenue. You in the press should ask him. Did they really get so better at their job? Compare the profits of the company in 2018 with 2019, when they magically rose by 2,100 percent and ask the Deputy Prime Minister for fighting corruption to see if he can provide a logical answer, Mickoski said.

Macedonia recently received its worst ever ranking in the Transparency International corruption index – landing at 111th place in the world. The Zaev regime has been hit by a never ending series of corruption scandals which remain uninvestigated, or end up with prosecution only of lower level accomplices.