5 Letters, one of the biggest marijuana producers in Macedonia, had its license stripped by the Government today, due to broadly specified violations of the permit. The company, which operates in Krusevo, reported one of the two major thefts of cannabis in the country in recent months, which raised suspicions that the product is being smuggled out of Macedonia.

Marijuana has become a major source of revenue for the Zaev regime, with his relatives and cronies being awarded licenses, ostensibly for cannabis oil production.

The decision to revoke the license was made after an inspetion in December and January, during which it was determined that the space, equipment and staff do not meet the requirements of the law for production of drugs and psychotropic substances. Specifically, the staff did not meet the requirements, the Government said in a press release.

In December, police seized 60 kilograms of marijuana from a house near Krusevo. An Albanian, Kosovar and a Macedonian citizen were arrested with the drug, and media outlets reported that they were linked with DUI appointed Deputy Interior Minister Nazim Bushi. And last week, media outlets reported that a politically linked person involved with the 5 Letters company had his apartment searched, allegedly because the company was secretly producing more marijuana than it reported.

The Krusevo incident came at a time when several tons of marijuana were reported stolen by a company registered in Zaev’s hometown base of Strumica, and the police had to conduct a dangerous raid only to recover just a portion of it. It is widely suspected that drugs grown for cannabis oil extraction are sold on the black market.