Highly controversial former Interior Minister and law professor Ljubomir Frckoski assumed the post of Ambassador to the UN, following a meeting with Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

In the press release, it is declared that Frckoski outlined Macedonia’s strategic priorities – EU integration, support for the Prespa Treaty with Greece and stability in the region.

Frckoski was Interior Minister during the chaotic period of the early 1990-ies, an era of mass smuggling in violation of the UN embargo on Serbia, fraudulent take-overs of state owned companies, wars in the region and the assassination attempt on President Kiro Gligorov – for which Frckoski faced allegations of his personal involvement.

He was involved in the constitutional amendments following the civil war in 2001 which made the ethnic Albanians the de-facto second founding nation in Macedonia, and strongly supported the 2015 Colored Revolution that led to the imposed Prespa Treaty and the further dilution of the Macedonian nation state character of the country. The Zaev regime wanted him appointed as Ambassador to D.C., but the nomination was rejected – Frckoski blamed US diplomat Philip Reeker and his alleged personal animosity toward him for this.