The Healthcare Ministry reported 24 new deaths of Covid-19, among whom is an alarming number of people in their 40-ies. The deceased include a 45 year old man from Prilep, a 41 year old from Tetovo, a 48 year old from Bitola, a 47 year old from Kriva Palanka, a patient from Kocani (41) and a 40 year old from Makedonski Brod.

There were five deaths in Bitola in total, including the oldest patient who was 91, four deaths in Skopje and three in Prilep. This brings the total death toll to 1,511.

There were also 1,112 newly diagnosed cases, out of just 2,553 tests that were conducted – high ratio of positive tests is common on weekends. Skopje has 321 new cases, Tetovo 79 and Prilep – 77. The number of active cases is 20,866. Of them, 9,883 are in Skopje, and Tetovo has 1,004, followed by Prilep with 1,010 and Kumanovo with 961.