The Healthcare Ministry reported 32 Covid-19 deaths over the past day. The deaths include 11 patients from the capital Skopje, four in Kumanovo, three in Prilep, Bitola, Gostivar and Strumica. The ages of the deceased ranged from 53 to 95. The total death toll of the epidemic currently stands at 1,731.

The Ministry also reported that 820 patients were newly diagnosed with the coronavirus, out of a total of 2,019 tests that were conducted. Skopje has 279 new cases, Bitola has 58, Kumanovo 49 and Tetovo 42. There are 21,412 active cases across the country, half of them in Skopje. Kumanovo, Prilep, Gostivar and Tetovo all have near or slightly over 1,000 cases each.