Two days after Katica Janeva’s arrest, the Prosecutor’s Office sent an official letter to the Council of Prosecutors regarding the development of the “Racket” case.

Deputy President of the Council, Mexhit Jusufi told Alsat that the information sent to the council by the prosecution was incomplete. Therefore, the Council once again requests the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime to submit full information or to have the Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska come to them on Monday for further information on the case.

Jusufi says that after they receive full information, the Council will prepare a report that will be sent to the Parliament.

After reviewing the Council’s report sent to the Election and Appointments Committee and with the consent of the four largest parties in Parliament, at a plenary session with a two-thirds majority vote and a Badinter majority, a formal proposal to dismiss Janeva should be approved. The decision will then be returned to the Council of Public Prosecutors for a final decision. Katica Janeva, who heads the SPO with a four-year mandate, which expires next month, was appointed on September 15, 2015.