The Skopje court decided to extend the detention order against businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev for another 30 days. The order was set to expire on Wednesday, and the defense argued against having it extended. Kamcev’s attorney Toni Menkinovski insisted that the businessman was not intending to flee the country in the first place and will not do so if he is released into house arrest.

Kamcev, who brought down the Special Prosecutor’s Office when he revealed how he is being extorted by Prosecutor Katica Janeva, remains charged in a politically motivated case initiated by Janeva against him – he is suspected of purchasing land for development in a valuable part of Skopje with money from the VMRO-DPMNE party.

Prosecutor Lile Stefanova, who worked with Janeva, demanded that the detention is extended. During the Racket trial against Janeva, Kamcev testified that Stefanova also tried to extort money from him, but she was ultimately not charged and remains in position to prosecute Kamcev.

Menkinovski said that Kamcev is kept in appalling conditions in the Sutka prison, and that at one point, he was left without water for five days. “The conditions are similar to North Korea”, Menkinovski said.

He insisted that Kamcev has been detained based only a report by the badly politicized ANB security service, which claimed that Kamcev was planning to flee to Bulgaria. Menkinovski said that ANB did not have a court order for surveillance on Kamcev and its officers were acting on their own when they prepared the report that landed Kamcev in prison.