According to the Public Health Institute’s weekly report for October 19-25, a total of 13,993 COVID-19 tests were carried out in Macedonia, 5.9% more than in the previous week, the Health Ministry said in a press release Tuesday.

3,410 new cases were registered in 35 cities in the country, which is an increase of 27.4 percent, compared to last week.

Most of the registered cases are in Skopje (n = 1,654; 48.5%), where the highest weekly incidence was recorded – 267.8 / 100,000. In the mentioned period, the percentage of positive from tested persons is 24%. Infected persons in all age groups are registered. The most common age group is 30 to 39 years (n = 750, 22.0%).

84 deaths were registered in 24 cities, an increase of 71.4 percent compared to last week.