The former Minister of Internal Affairs Nake Culev writes via Facebook that the NSA, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Government allowed a politician on the US blacklist to obtain Macedonian citizenship, Spasovski to take responsibility.

There is no greater shame than this. There is no end to the criminal and corruption scandals in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On the contrary, they line up one by one every day. From a successful institution, established internationally, Oliver Spasovski and his team in just a few years made a ministry, a record holder for international scandals.

The world and domestic media reports that the Ukrainian politician with a corruption record in Kyiv and a member of the American blacklist was walking around the world with a Macedonian passport. It is about a passport that he received as a result of a procedure for obtaining Macedonian citizenship that passed all the filters and security checks at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Security Agency and a session of the Government. There is no greater shame than this. Patriots are eliminated from the security system because of fabricated negative security checks, and white-world criminals pass them positively!

I recently wrote about the situation in the security-intelligence institutions in my column, which you can read below on this Facebook page, and this scandal is another confirmation of this. The fact that for the top of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “successful security reforms”, for the citizens of Macedonia is a cause of shame on an international scale.

How many more scandals like this have to happen for Oliver Spasovski to finally take responsibility and resign? Fake passports, party employment, thefts from warehouses of the Ministry of the Interior, criminal proceedings, mobbing and discrimination against colleagues, suspicious tenders… is this not enough for responsibility and resignations in the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

Enough improvisation. It is time to put an end to systemic, political and party destruction of the police, the Ministry of Interior and other institutions of the security system.

There must be accountability and there will certainly be. Be sure!, reads his post on Facebook.