Former Culture Minister Ganka Cvetanova called on the Government to all negotiations about the uniqueness of the Macedonian national identity. The Zaev Government is facing a memorandum that Bulgaria is linking to the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia, which, among other issues, declares the Macedonian nation as newly created, originating from the Bulgarian, denies the unique character of the Macedonian language.

We absolutely can’t debate about the uniqueness of the Macedonian language, and the feeling of belonging and self-determination of the Macedonian nation, let alone negotiate on it. This madness must STOP, Cvetanova said.

Zaev announced that he will meet with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov soon to try to placate him with concessions on the demand that legendary VMRO hero Goce Delcev is declared an ethnic Bulgarian. But in the meantime, Sofia came out with the much expanded list of demands in the memorandum, which Macedonia will likely face at the beginning and throughout the EU accession process.