The daily coronavirus report prepared by the Healthcare Ministry points to a higher than usual number of deaths – six over the past 24 hours, and 159 newly diagnosed patients.

Four of the deceased patients were from Skopje, aged 77 to 86. One was from Gostivar (61) and one from Stip (76). One of the patients was not even hospitalized.

The 159 newly diagnosed patients were found from 1,733 conducted tests. The most new cases were found in Skopje (32), Kumanovo (25), Gostivar (22) and Struga (15). The number of active cases is estimated at 2,843, most of them in Skopje (829), Gostivar (310) and Stip (251).

The two Skopje clinics who treat the most severe cases admitted 17 new patients and now have 132 patients. Of them, five are on mechanical ventilation and 31 require additional oxygen. There are just 11 patients remaining in the Bitola regional center, while the center in Stip remains with a relatively high number of 33 patients. There are 13 adult patients treated in the Kozle children’s hospital in Skopje, as well as five children and two mothers with their children who are still being tested. General hospitals across Macedonia care for a little under 100 Covid-19 patients – these are usually less severe cases.