Bulgarian professor Evgenii Dainov said on TV21 “Click Plus” show that the Bulgarian prime minister and government are doing everything possible to raise issues around Macedonia, but are stopped by two parties in the coalition – There is such a people and BSP – the former communist party. He pointed out that in Bulgaria 80% of Bulgarians wanted Macedonia to be a member of the EU, while now after three years 60% do not want it.

A person who thinks that another country can steal their history and their identity is hollow, an empty space, a vacuum. When you have self-confidence you know who you are, no one can steal your history or identity, but because the Bulgarians are driven into this hysteria and feel weak, without identity and imagine that someone can steal their history. That cannot happen. All historical disputes are about the past, they are not about me here and now and they are not about me in the future. This should be said by both countries, because Europe does not understand, the EU does not want to understand exactly that, as a conversation about the past, history is basically a conversation about politics, which is a talk about the future. This connection should be terminated by Bulgaria. Bulgaria has made this connection and Bulgaria should end it, Dainov said.

There is no easy and quick solution because the environment is poisoned and I am really afraid that if the veto is lifted tomorrow, there will be a pro-Russian revolt here. They are ready, there are lists of people for imprisonment, the professor explains.