Bulgarian professor Evgenii Dainov said on TV21’s “Click Plus” show that in Bulgaria 80% of Bulgarians wanted Macedonia to be a member of the EU, while now after three years 60% do not want it.

My focus is not on Macedonia, my focus is not on Macedonia’s accession to the European Union, my focus is on my country, my homeland Bulgaria and this veto and the framework position of the government three years ago and the Declaration of the Parliament created an extremely poisonous atmosphere in Bulgaria itself. Thus, the Bulgarian politicians pointed out Macedonia and the Macedonians as enemies. Nationalist mobilization was carried out and always and everywhere nationalist mobilization poisons the whole society. And we see the results three years later from this poisonous veto and these poisonous positions. We see what is happening. In Bulgaria, 80% of Bulgarians wanted Macedonia to be a member of the European Union. Now 60% do not want to, and pro-Putin, pro-Russian sentiments in Bulgaria that currently poison both society and politics have emerged of this poison, Dainov said.

He adds that there is a party in Parliament that claims that Russia is right, that the Ukrainians should be destroyed and those Bulgarians in Bulgaria who support the Ukrainians, such as I am, should be destroyed.

So for Bulgaria this veto and this position is poison and it is spreading, it does not stand still, it is spreading throughout the social organism and my thesis is that in our interest, the Bulgarians should immediately find a way to stop it. The question is, if the government says “we are lifting the veto” tomorrow, it will be lifted immediately in Parliament and a pro-Russian, pro-Putin coup will take place in society. There may be a coup. It all came from this veto. The situation is exclusively complex for Bulgaria, for Macedonia as well, but for Bulgaria it is already a matter of national security, Dainov said.