Dancers Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski caused chaos in Kumanovo, according to the largest opposition party VMRO DPMNE.

As they dance with the pandemic, the lives of thousands of Kumanovo residents are in danger. Thousands of elderly and frail, chronically ill, and families with young children were left to fend for themselves with food, groceries, and medicine just because the dancers decided to inform them of the introduction of a three-day curfew too late. Zaev and Spasovski forgot to warn the citizens in time to prepare themselves and forced the whole of Kumanovo to go outside in a few hours, thus creating conditions for mass spread of the virus and endangering the lives of Kumanovo people, VMRO DPMNE said.

According to the party, the Republic of Macedonia does not have time for improvisations.

Responsible economic policy is needed immediately. SDSM does not know the economic logic and pushes the country towards the abyss. Tens of thousands of workers will be left without pay due to the government’s quasi-measures, which aim to bring political points to Zaev, but not to help companies, VMRO DPMNE said in a statement.