Skopje mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska announced that she will file slander charges against the ruling SDSM party and its member of Parliament Darko Kaevski, after she was accused of allegedly owing money to a sports hall in Skopje.

Arsovska wages a serious fight with SDSM candidate Petre Silegov for the Skopje city hall, and SDSM timed the allegation days ahead of the election. According to the ruling party, a company owned by Arsovska owes 54,000 EUR in unpaid electricity bills for a sports hall she was renting.

For the past seven years my only job has been to manage the SSK chamber of commerce. I have not been actively involved in any company for years. These allegations show the obvious fear Petre Silegov and SDSM feel that after the elections all their abuses in the city hall will be revealed and investigated, Arsovska said.