Danela Arsovska today assumed the office of Mayor of Skopje – the first woman to ever hold this office, After a bruising campaign, in which she was the target of vicious attacks by Zoran Zaev and his mayoral candidate Petre Silegov, she scored a stunning victory supported by VMRO-DPMNE, the Albanian opposition parties, Levica, liberal parties and independents.

With the first day in office, I will begin to work hard, honestly and transparently on all the projects that were part of my vision and my program, for a modern and European Skopje, the former head of the SSK chamber of commerce said.

Despite the bad blood during the campaign, in which Silegov declared her a “Bulgarian agent” and Zaev showed her a rude ‘up yours’ hand gesture, Silegov was in the office to meet with Arsovska, and gave her a bouquet of flowers.