Mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska campaigned in Aerodrom today, part of the city where she and other VMRO-DPMNE candidates scored major wins in the first round, and urged her supporters to finish the campaign with a win on October 31st. She decried the increasingly negative campaign from her opponent, Mayor Petre Silegov, and the SDSM party, which began with Zoran Zaev showing her an “up yours” hand gesture, continued with innuendo about her private life and today culminated with accusations that she has a dual Bulgarian citizenship.

These attacks began when I said that the outgoing Mayor will have to answer for all the money he spent from the budget of Skopje, when I asked him where is the tunnel under Kale hill he promised us, where are his new boulevards, where are 350 million EUR he spent and we can’t see anywhere? This person is not worthy to continue leading our city, Arsovska said.

She added that she does not have a dual Bulgarian citizenship, as SDSM alleged today, using a suspicious looking document they allegedly obtained from Bulgaria, which had Danela Arsovska’s first name misspelled as Daniela. This is a common allegation SDSM resorts to – sometimes even using Bulgarian officials to help them spread rumors that VMRO-DPMNE candidates have dual citizenship.