Danela Arsovska, the candidate for Mayor of Skopje who is supported by VMRO-DPMNE, presented her election program today. Arsovska promised to quickly put in place practical solutions for the capital, if she is elected as the first woman – Mayor of Skopje.

Skopje needs more than partisan politics. Skopje needs a manager who will care for the needs of the citizens and will drive our city forward, less empty demagoguery and more dedication, hard work and professionalism. I am ready, Arsovska said, drawing on her experience as head of the large SSK chamber of commerce where, as she said, she protected the rights of 24,000 small and mid sized companies representing more than 80 percent of private sector employees.

The plan includes 15 + 1 key projects, which Arsovska said will protect the parks and focus the public administration to work for the citizens.

We will ensure free public transportation. We will make Skopje a festival city with one large cultural event each month. We will dedicate more parks and recreation areas and restore the shine of some cult spaces which have fallen in neglect. All villages around Skopje will have proper infrastructure, with public transit, Arsovska said.

Arsovska called on all ethnic groups in the city to support her candidacy. She already has the support of the key opposition Albanian parties as part of the coalition agreement negotiated by VMRO-DPMNE.