Mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska’s camp clarified that she refused to debate her main opponent Petre Silegov again because of the crude insult from his party leader Zoran Zaev.

During a rally in Aerodrom, one of Skopje’s most urban centers, Zaev called out opposition leader Mickoski, Arsovska and the VMRO candidate in Aerodrom Mucunski, and then made an unmistakable insulting gesture with his forearm. It’s the second time Zaev has done so at a political rally, and Silegov was behind him, sneering. Arsovska, who would be the first woman Mayor of Skopje if elected, asked Silegov to apologize, but he refused.

Given the applause Silegov gave to Zaev, for his gesture, it is natural that Arsovska does not want to debate him, said VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski during a TV interview this evening.