Danela Arsovska, the mayor of the City of Skopje, defamed Orce Todorovski, assistant executive director of the Macedonian Radio Television, according to a decision by the Basic Civil Court.

On December 6, 2022, Danela Arsovska made public statements, during which she accused Orce Todorovski of participating in negotiating the purchase of 150 buses from Hungary and being the first defendant in the “Delchevski Nivi” case. However, Todorovski was not the first defendant in the “Delchevski Nivi” case, which was closed after it was proven to be politically constructed.

Todorovski sought legal redress, proving in court that Arsovska used lies and slander to score political points. The court ruled in favor of Todorovski, establishing that the mayor of Skopje defamed him by falsely accusing him and Hristijan Mickoski of negotiating the purchase of the buses. Arsovska was ordered to pay damages and to publish the court’s decision in a daily newspaper. The judgment also highlighted that Arsovska often uses fabrications to defame her opponents for political gain.

The judgment was passed on February 22, 2024, but Todorovski was notified three months later. His lawyer had difficulty obtaining the verdict due to alleged control of the judiciary by SDSM and DUI. When the political climate changed, the judgment became accessible to the plaintiff.

Public reactions have criticized Arsovska, with comments suggesting she frequently lies and slanders. Despite her accusations, many have proven to be false, and the city of Skopje continues to face challenges.